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About PINKKIS & Raisa Kettunen

About PINKKIS and Raisa Kettunen, owner and lead crafter.

Inspired by Japan, the forest, & Twin Peaks

Each pouch is made by hand from start to “Finnish.”

Each pouch is made by hand from start to “Finnish.”


Raisa Kettunen lives in Helsinki, Finland, with her two kids, American husband, Russian rescue dog, and two Finnish rescue bunnies. She is the crafter and seamstress behind PINKKIS, which focuses mainly on Blythe Sleepsacks, pouches and purses, and select jewelry.

In addition to creating and sewing, she enjoys many other forms of crafts, animal advocacy good vegan food, reading, travel, all things Japan, Honey Crunch apples, green tea, fabric, organizing her workspace and life, Twin Peaks, mushrooms, and Blythe dolls.

My pouches reflect me and my eclectic tastes, ranging from the traditions and oddities of Japan, elements of the forest and other natural wonders, weird pop culture treasures like Twin Peaks, and some of my own flavoring. I have even started designing my own fabrics and patterns, so keep an eye out for new products as I develop them and refine my skills and techniques for producing them.

PINKKIS Principles and Practices

Earth- and Vegan-Friendly

All my products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. As well, I line all my pouches with upcycled fabric. A good deal of my outer fabrics are upcycled. I try to purchase bamboo fleece whenever possible, along with upcycled or eco-friendly outer fleece. All scrap material from my workshop is recycled as well.

Packaging is a Priority

It’s not enough for me to simply produce useful, unique, handmade items—I also make each package special so that they delight my customers up on arrival. Who doesn’t love a fun, interesting, and different package? Based on the feedback I get, apparently just about everyone does!

Giving Back

I support numerous charities and animal advocacy groups in Finland and beyond, from local group Animalia to bile bear rescues to Animals Asia and beyond.


Where to Buy (in Finland)

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